The ULTIMATE Hidden Application Solution Intended for Amazon Sellers

Being competitive inside the Amazon seller field is very competitive in today times, as well as having more and more sellers jumping on-board in order to get a fraction of the ecommerce pie, you have to keep ahead of the game!

Good advertising and marketing strategies and exceptional product lines plainly won't suffice when it comes to today's Amazon marketplace , you have to be one step ahead of the challengers in all instances.

Which's where our secret weapon comes in handy ...!

Presenting The Blackbird Suite
Regardless of whether you're a total beginner starting from scratch, or an expert Amazon seller, we have got you taken cared of !

Offered to you by some leader's that are killing it and generating many millions on Amazon yearly, the Blackbird Suite includes all the softwares and prize winning training course you are going to ever need to manage and expand your Amazon business, here is precisely what you will learn ...

Make more profit by improving your Amazon consumer reviews
Exactly how to monitor your products & snoop on your rivals
Look for your next " GIGANTIC PRODUCT" utilizing Opportunity Finder
Identify high-converting and relevant keywords for your products
Discover ALL the secrets to selling on Amazon by using Blackbird Suite University
Rather simply , the Blackbird Suite is certainly an all-in-one tool for Amazon Sellers, as well as the ultimate resource to have in your arsenal of programs, empowering you to maintain a bird's eye view on your Amazon empire.

Let's look at each component in more detail, and also have a little 'sneak-peak' inside Blackbird Suite's membership dashboard:

Earn More Profit By Boosting Your Amazon Reviews

See how you can send automated messages to grow your Amazon reviews utilizing Blackbird Suite's CRM module.

Doing this is an incredibly formidable method to send out e-mail messages to your customers who paid for your products.

By simply doing this you will highly boost the odds of getting more reviews.

Basing on your selected plan, you can send out anything from 15,000 emails monthly to unlimited emails, all these can be sent to your consumers anyplace in the entire world, or only to a single targeted country if you choose.

Very simply, the more reviews you have, the higher your conversion rate will be and the more money you will make!

TIP: Send a abbreviated series of 3 emails to your customer-- this is the sweet spot, be brief, brief and get to the point quickly!

How To Monitor Your Products & Spy On Your Competitors!

It's crucial to keep an eye on exactly how your products are doing on Amazon.

Blackbird Suite's Product Tracker module will show you the best ways to do this and more...

The Product Tracker will show you a snapshot to consist of your product, main category, ASIN, SKU, Best Sellers Rank, Average Ranking, number of reviews, OPA Rank, Negative Reviews etc

. Based on your selected Blackbird Suite package, you can keep track of from five hundred to unlimited key words, whilst keeping track of and viewing up to a hundred products entirely inside your member dashboard.

TIP: You can not only track your very own products, click here but you can do exactly the exact same thing on your competitors products!

Inside this module you will also discover the best ways to set up a split test.

Choose Your Next "Big Product" With Opportunity Finder

Blackbird Suite's Opportunity Finder is a powerful tool that can help you uncover great products to sell on Amazon.

To do this by hand is really slow and cumbersome, but utilizing Blackbird Suite's Opportunity Finder it makes this kind of task a cinch!

Find UNLIMITED possibilities, with a list of in excess of a million products, you'll never be short of fresh products to sell.

You can determine parameters to decide on certain products, it will then deliver your results to consist of Product Description, Amazon Standard Identification Number, Category, BSR, Price, Weight, Size, num of Reviews etc.,

Looking for your future big product has never been easier!

TIP: Choose the parameter settings to focus & refine your quest for your selected products.

Find High-Converting And Relevant Key words For Your Products

Blackbird Suite's Keyword Finder will help you find keywords to help you better optimize your product pages.

Keep track of anything from 500 to unlimited key words with the keyword finder.

Just start off with your seed keyword and Blackbird Suite will return a whole bunch of key words by sourcing not just Amazon but Google as well.

Use Keyword Finder to keep refining and developing your key word selection.

By doing so you will discover every combination of key words typed in Amazon.

Those search phrases will be saved into a project, and you can also export them for your records.

TIP: Cross reference your keywords with Google to see if there is any kind of size to confirm if it is a great key word to go after.

Learn ALL The Secrets To Selling On Amazon With Blackbird Suite Blackbird Review 2017 University

E-learning at its finest! Whether or not you are a novice, or an Amazon seasoned pro, seventy plus videos are waiting inside your member dashboard ready to take your business to the next level.

Comprising of three specific modules, Blackbird Suite's award winning training will surely get your Amazon business to the next level.

1. Blackbird Suite Academy
2. Blackbird Suite Launchpad
3. All Training Videos

Regular content is delivered from our experts and that is discussed in the Blackbird Suite University with it's members, so you know all of the most up to date tips & tricks and what methodologies are working RIGHT NOW!

Blackbird Suite = Our TRUMP CARD
As we've seen above, Blackbird Suite is the ultimate tool for tracking your key metrics, and providing you with cutting edge Amazon seller training.

Blackbird Suite grants you the chance to easily:

Keep track of your products, sales, reviews, pricing, and rank
Search the Amazon market place for the very best new opportunities
Examine month-to-month earnings of EVERY product on Amazon
Snoop on your competition
Analyze on-page performance metrics
Alert you to problems associated with your products
Send out e-mails to your customers (to generate reviews and more sales).
Discover ALL the tricks to marketing on Amazon (via 71 instruction videos).

To ask Steve, Aidan, Matt Carter (partner), and our crew of ' Experts' ANY Amazon selling related question ANY TIME you want to using our one-of-a-kind 'Grab A Guru' strategic support system.

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